Self-Esteem 5-Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: Eliminating Negative Self-Talk

Welcome to Day 3 of the Self-Esteem Challenge. Did you do the 10 minute affirmation exercise yesterday? I hope you found it helpful. And remember to keep reading the things that you’re good at from Day 1!

Today we’re going to be talking about eliminating toxic negative self-talk. This is important, because too many people have a negative soundtrack repeating constantly in their head. And if you hear something enough times, you believe it!


Today, pay close attention to the self-talk that goes on in your head. If you can, record your inner script in your journal – in other words, make notes about the conversations running in your head.

Every time you become aware of negative self-talk, stop and write down the negative thoughts in your journal. Don’t be vague. Write down EXACTLY what’s going through your mind.

Then – and this is crucial – replace the negative self-talk with one of the affirmations from yesterday’s challenge. Write them down as well.

Write this affirmation in your journal and say it out loud five times. Your goal for the day is to have FIVE TIMES more positive self-talk than negative.

As you do this, you’ll be amazed at the effect is has on your day.

Remember to keep that log of your self-talk today!


Many people have their self-esteem sabotaged by unhealthy and negative self-talk.

You, too, may have a soundtrack of negativity running through your mind throughout the day. Here’s an example:

I should be better. I shouldn’t have done that. No one likes me. I suck at my job. I’m never going to have happiness.

This negative self-talk sucks you down and puts you under a dark cloud. It kills your self-esteem and causes you to dislike yourself.

But here’s the thing.

The negative self-talk is all LIES! None of it is true!

And it really, really, needs to end. If you want to grow in self-esteem, your negative self-talk needs to DIE!

Today it’s time for positive self-talk to bloom in your life.

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Tomorrow we’re going to be talking about negative toxic relationships and how to surround yourself with positive people.