Self-Esteem 5-Day Challenge

Welcome to our five-day self-esteem challenge!

We feel that this topic is so important that we have made it openly available to everyone, in the hope that as many people as possible will benefit. Just click the illustrated buttons below this text to see each segment (I would suggest starting at Day 1, and working forward in the proper sequence, but you can jump around if you wish).

Having said that, however, we plan to reward our subscribers and customers by releasing an enhanced-pdf version of this challenge, including some extra resources (it’s a couple of weeks away but will be here soon). In addition, you’ll also get a daily email reminder to complete each activity. If you want to be among the first to be notified when it’s ready – there’s a form coming soon!

Why is self-esteem so important?
Most of us know that the way we feel about ourselves (our self-image or self-esteem) is the foundation of a happy and successful life. Yet, many people wish that they had more self-esteem than they feel they have – helping you to build yours up is the goal of this challenge!

A metaphor for self-esteem
One way to look at self-esteem is to use the metaphor of a tree. Imagine a tall, strong tree – providing beauty and shade – growing peacefully in a forest.

We appreciate what we can see – the beauty and joy it gives us – but what is going on underneath the surface?

And I mean surface, literally! The surface of the soil. What happens when you look below that leaf-litter lying on the forest floor?

Guess what you see – that strong, beautiful tree has an equally strong set of roots. Anchoring it. Supporting it. Nourishing it. Helping it cope with whatever mother nature, and life in general, throws at it.

Heavy rain? No worries! The deep roots rejoice because more rain means more water, and they know they are strong enough and deep enough to keep the tree stable, even if some of the soil around them becomes soft or eroded.

Strong winds? Same story: The roots (the tree’s foundation) helps the tree to be flexible and to bend under the onslaught, but then to spring right back up afterwards.

Drought? No problem – the deep roots tap into those secret underground places where fresh water flows, providing life-giving nourishment.

Do you see where I’m headed with this? Those deep, strong, stabilising roots are just like your self-esteem.

Never Too Late
When you have strong self-esteem you thrive – coping with whatever life throws at you – and bouncing back quickly, ready for more!

But what happens when you don’t? Using our metaphor, when your roots are stunted?

Often, through no fault of your own –you just weren’t nourished when you were younger, or life threw a curve-ball at you when you were vulnerable – your self-esteem was damaged, or just didn’t grow as strong as you’d like.

And often you’ve struggled along, unable to really take advantage of what life has given you, sometimes bending or even breaking under the pressure of events.

But the good news is that it’s never too late to turn things around. Just as a tree that is stunted can be fertilised, nourished and loved, so can you be.

And while you can’t instantly reverse what could be years of low self-esteem, allow this five-day challenge to be your starting point, your launch-pad to a happier and more successful future. Just give it a try – you never know what might happen!