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what is self-awareness?

What Is Self-Awareness & Why Does It Matter?

By paul | 22/09/2017

Self-awareness means having a deeper understanding of who you are, how you came to be that way, and why you do the things that you do in the way that you do them! In other words, accepting yourself for who you are , and feeling comfortable in your own skin. So why bother seeking greater…

VIDEO: The Scientific Power Of Meditation

By paul | 14/09/2017

A quick and easy to understand animated video that briefly explains the latest research about the health benefits and brain changes in people who meditate regularly.

When Failure Leads To Success or Why Perfectionists Need To Embrace Failure

By paul | 14/09/2017

Are you someone who avoids failure, who won’t start a project unless you know that you can complete it perfectly? In other words, are YOU a perfectionist? If you are, then you could be missing out on discovering new things about yourself and your job, and perhaps make the world a better place. Consider these…


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