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design your life plan

How To Design A Plan For Your Life

By paul | 28/04/2018

I spent a long time wondering what I was meant to do wth my life, until I finally discovered that teaching others was my calling. Once I came to that realisation, things just sort of fell into place, and life became easier. So, what is your calling? And, more importantly, are you ready to design…

Simon Sinek Video: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

By paul | 26/04/2018

In this TEDx video, Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, explains how great leaders use the golden circle – an idea that has inspired many successful companies, including Apple. Image source: Pinterest

25 ways to boost your self-esteem

Our first video: 25 tips to boost your self-esteem

By paul | 24/12/2017

We’ve just created and uploaded our first video to our new Youtube channel.


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