How To Design A Plan For Your Life

design your life plan

I spent a long time wondering what I was meant to do wth my life, until I finally discovered that teaching others was my calling. Once I came to that realisation, things just sort of fell into place, and life became easier.

So, what is your calling? And, more importantly, are you ready to design a plan for your life?

If you are, here are some of the things you should consider when designing your plan:

Your Home
Consider whether you’re living in the place you want and the type of home you prefer. Also, how will you set up your home to fit your wants and needs?

Career and Work
Have you ever pondered your current career, and whether you’re getting everything out of your work that you want? If you’re not happy in your current job, think about the type of work you want to do.

Love, Relationships and Family
What are your desires about your love relationship and family? Reflect on your current love relationship and whether your wants and needs are met in the relationship. 
You also need to think about whether your current choice of friends are healthy and supportive.

You also need to consider your physical and emotional health. Consider any changes you want to make in these areas and include them in your plan.

What sort of person do you want to be? How close are you to living in the way you thought you would? Try to consider your current character traits — those you have and those you’d like to have or alter in some way. Desirable character traits can be developed and therefore, should be written into your Life Plan.

Hobbies and Activities
What do you do in your spare time? As you think about the hobbies and activities you seek to do, you can make them a part of your plan for life.

Intellectual and Cultural Pursuits
People vary widely in terms of what they seek intellectually and culturally – part of planning a holistic and fulfilling life is including these areas, as they add richness and enjoyment and promote well-being.

Designing a plan for your life can – and should – be an enjoyable experience. In order to create your own plan, you need to think about many areas of your life – your home, work, relationships, family, friends, health, character, use of spare time, and your desire for intellectual and cultural activities.

If you want more information and a workbook to guide you through this process, check out our life-planning guide and workbook.

Your life will become more fulfilling when you design and follow a life plan!

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