Form Empowering Habits & Live The Life You Desire: New Product

We’ve just added a new report to our online store: Form Empowering Habits & Live The Life You Desire.

This report reveals recent research results related to habit development.

Negative habits and their effects on your life and substituting positive habits for negative ones are also covered. Finally, you’ll discover how to successfully form positive habits. Case vignettes are provided to illustrate these points in the report.

Habits are Critical to Creating the Life You Desire
This chapter covers the enduring, pervasive aspects of your habits. The main point made is that your entire life is composed of the habits you do over and over again every day.
Positive habits automatically support your goals while negative habits automatically inhibit you from reaching them.

The Science of Habit Development
Current research regarding habit establishment by Phillippa Lally and her peers at the University College London is reviewed. A list of how you can form a habit, using the research, is provided.

Negative Habits and their Devastating Effects
You’re prompted to contemplate your own negative habits honestly. In this process, you must identify the benefits to you of repeating those unhealthy habits. Also, you’re asked to recognize the results of those habits on your life.

Substitute Positive Habits for Your Negative Habits
This chapter illustrates how to replace negative habits with more positive ones. An action list of tips is provided.

Develop New, Empowering Habits
Even if you don’t have negative habits, you may wish to create positive habits which would move you forward faster toward your goals. Read more about the new product here.

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