5 Ways To Stop Procrastinating & Start Living

procrastination tips

If you’re a procrastinator, why not try some of the following ideas to kick yourself into action:

1. Keep an updated list of important tasks
You’re more likely to get things done when you have a list of activities that you need to complete. Use the SMART goal system to get things done on time.

2. Share your list with your partner or friend
When you share your to-do list with an accountability partner, you take a big step towards ticking the things off on your list – and you also help your partner get their things done, too.

3. Ask for help
Sometimes it can be daunting to take the first step, or maybe you’re so overwhelmed you don’t know where to start. Try asking a friend or your partner for help – sometimes when you talk things through with someone else your next step becomes clearer.

4. Complete the tasks that have the biggest impact
When you make it a priority to do the most important things first, you make life easier, and become more practiced at taking action.

5. Reward yourself
When you get something done on your list, no matter how small, give yourself a reward. Celebrate all of your wins, even the small ones. When you take a moment to reflect on your success, you feel better about yourself, and generate positive energy to get the next task done.

Remember, when you stay focused on what you want to accomplish you’re less likely to procrastinate, and more likely to spring into action and get things done. It’s never too late to change – stay focussed on your desires and dreams, and use them to fuel your motivation.

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