Coping With Life Changes


One thing we can all count on in life is change. While many people are not so fond of it, change is going to happen in your life, whether you’re ready for it or not. So to help you make the most of these transitions, here are three ideas to help you:

1. Accept Change
There’s generally not much we can do about life changes, so accepting the transition and moving on is one way to deal with it. Of course, that’s easier said than done! One strategy is to always look for the silver lining – positive people cope with life transitions better than those who are rigid, or those who try to have everything planned out. Finding something good can help you to move on faster, rather than remaining stuck in the past.

2. Don’t Live With Regrets
While you can’t do anything about the past, you can enjoy the present, and then start to plan for the future. Try not to live with regrets – they are an anchor holding you back from the rest of your life. One way to deal with your feelings of regret is to figure out what you are regretful about – maybe a bad decision, maybe an event in your life, or maybe a missed opportunity – and then resolve not to do it again – in other words, learn from your mistakes. And then use those feelings of regret to spur you on to a brighter future.

3. Understand Your Purpose
Remember that no-one is exactly like you – you are unique – and you were put on this earth for a reason. Try to determine what it is that you are meant to do, and then do it. When you find your life purpose, you interpret life events and changes in that context. And when you’re focussed on your goal, you tend not to notice the obstacles in your path. Instead, you will interpret changed circumstances in the context of your goal, taking what you need from life events to move closer to your purpose.

Wrapping It Up
Hopefully these three pointers offer you some comfort and assistance as you face the future. Welcome change for the boundless possibilities that it brings, and the unexpected help that it can provide as you move towards your life purpose. And remember that, like the cycling of the seasons, the only guarantee in life is change.

Featured Image: Unsplash.

About the Author: Paul